Stop Aquind demonstration

Today, local residents, community groups and supporters of ALL local political parties protested against the Aquind interconnector project in Guildhall Square. Such united opposition shows the strength of feeling in Portsmouth against the Aquind scheme ..

22 Apr 2023

Foodbanks to help pet owners with cost-of-living crisis

Portsmouth City Council is extending support to local foodbanks, ensuring pet owners struggling with the cost of living can provide for their pets. Portsmouth City Council has given £130k towards foodbanks in the last year with plans to extend that.

20 Apr 2023

3 Reasons to use your postal vote for the Liberal Democrats

  The current Lib Dem-led Council run the city well, keeping Council Tax below other South Coast cities and running local services better.  Let's keep that going. Please use your postal ballot next week for the Liberal Democrat candidate in your area.

18 Apr 2023
Community Safety

Police failed to attend 78% burglaries in Hampshire last year

3,494 burglaries across Hampshire were unsolved in the first three quarters of 2022, shocking figures show. Of the 4,425 burglaries reported in that time, only 76 resulted in a charge or summons. And 3,494 investigations were closed without charge.

12 Apr 2023

Buses in Portsmouth are moving forward

Recently Lib Dem-led Portsmouth Council stepped in to save the no 13, 14, 18 and 22 bus services. First Solent had planned to close these from the start of April for commercial reasons. Instead, the new, Council-inspired plan will see routes retained.

7 Apr 2023