Donate to our local election campaign

Unlike the other parties, we simply can’t rely on big business or trade unions to bankroll our campaigns. Our regular FOCUS newsletters, surveys and other leaflets are paid for by members and supporters like you. Our team rely on the generosity of local people to campaign on local issues and win elections.

Your donation will go towards getting more Liberal Democrats elected for Portsmouth so we can keep making a real difference to people's lives.

Even if you can only afford a few quid a month, it all adds up and will be greatly appreciated.

Here is how your support can help make a difference to our campaigns:

£5 - Helps us target 1,000 voters online, making sure they know what their local Lib Dem councillors and candidates are up too.

£10 – Pays for a printed street letter to be delivered by volunteers to one polling district in one of our council wards.

£25 - Pays for a local residents’ survey delivered by volunteers to 1,000 homes.

£50 - Pays for a posted letter to 500 target voters that we’ve identified as being pivotal to the result.

£100 - Covers the cost of printing 2500 street letters, so we can feedback on the issues we are solving.

£250 – Would pay for either the printing of a leaflet or paid delivery of a leaflet across one of our council wards.

Thank you so much for your support.