Lib Dems were the BIG winners in the Portsmouth local elections

10 May 2023

Portsmouth Lib Dems were the big winners in Thursday's local city council elections. The Lib Dems won 50% of seats contested and won the largest share of votes. Thank you to everyone who supported our Councillors and Candidates in the elections.

The new makeup of the council is:

🔶 (LD) 18 cllrs
🟣(Inds/Others) 9 cllrs
🟦 (Con) 8 cllrs
🔴 (Lab) 7 cllrs

By the time all the votes were counted, Portsmouth Lib Dems had:

  • won the overall popular vote
  • won 50% of wards contested
  • gone up to 18 councillors 

So a great result for the Lib Dems. 

In contrast, it was a bad night for Labour.

Labour only won 2 contests and lost one ward to their former leader, who they had expelled just a few months before.

But if was bad for Labour, it was a disaster for the Conservatives. They only won one ward in the entire city and now have just 8 councillors.

For the full results in your ward, look on the Portsmouth Council website here.

Photo credit: Sarah Standing/Portsmouth News.