Let's train more Doctors in Portsmouth

5 Dec 2023
Train Doctors in Portsmouth

Trying to get a GP appointment through the NHS sends many local residents' blood pressure through the roof.

Portsmouth has the second lowest numbers of GPs in England - just 1 GP for every 2800 patients. 

Even more worrying, things might get even worse. Over the next few years, many local GPs are coming up to retirement age.

With fewer and fewer local GPs, the pressure on the remaining ones mounts up.

There is one simple way to make a big difference.

Build a medical school and train the next generation of doctors here in Portsmouth.

We know that many students who study here like Portsmouth and want to stay.

One estimate says that with a medical school here, we could expect around 10 newly qualified doctors each year to want to start work here.

That would make a huge difference.

Portsmouth Lib Dems have campaigned for a medical school here for years.

The Lib Dem-led City Council are therefore now working with its partners in Health & Care Portsmouth to support the University of Portsmouth to develop a practical plan.

It's another way we'll keep Portsmouth moving forward.

If you agree, please sign our petition on Portsmouth's GP crisis.