Foodbanks to help pet owners with cost-of-living crisis

20 Apr 2023

Portsmouth City Council is extending support to local foodbanks, ensuring pet owners struggling with the cost of living can provide for their pets.

  • Portsmouth City Council has given £130k towards foodbanks in the last year with plans to extend that support.
  • Money from the Portsmouth and Southsea Car Boot Sales is being donated to provide animal products to foodbanks and support Streetvets to provide free veterinary treatments.
  • Jollyes pet shop is also offering generous discounts and donations.

Cllr Steve Pitt, pictured with his dog Finn, said:
"We've done a lot to support people through foodbanks and pantries and the feedback we've had is pet products are something they would find very helpful. As a dog owner I understand just how much pets mean to their owners, they really are part of the family and vital companions for people who live alone. I am so grateful to Jollyes and the other local charities for helping us to ensure that people don't have to make the horrendous decision to give up their pets during the cost-of-living crisis."

This new initiative will be distributed through HIVE Portsmouth.

For more information on supporting your pet in the cost-of-living crisis: