Meet Charlie Murphy

Standing to give Portsmouth South a strong voice in Parliament

Charlie has lived in Portsmouth almost all his life. He is a former care worker, and now works in housing and contruction across the South of England.

Having volunteered as a sailing instructor helping young people get out on the water, he is passionate about our coastal environment and holding sewage-dumping Southern Water to account. Charlie enjoys sailing in his personal time, both in Portsmouth Harbour and out in the Solent.

With older family locally and having worked in social care during the pandemic, Charlie has seen the state of our health service up close. He is committed to campaigning for better NHS services for Portsmouth, from the urgently needed improvements at GP surgeries and QA Hospital to the delivery of a real dental service in the city.

Housing is a big priority for Charlie, with the spiralling cost of mortgages and rents making the cost-of-living crisis so much worse for people. Charlie sees delivering more affordable housing as one of the greatest challenges facing the UK, especially for young people and local families. He works closely with Liberal Democrat councillors who are building or buying almost 2,000 council homes in Portsmouth.

Lib Dem candidate for Portsmouth South Charlie Murphy at Portsdown Hill
Charlie has lived in Portsmouth for over 20 years
Charlie on Southsea Seafront

Stop the Sewage

Charlie is determined to make Southern Water clean up their act in Portsmouth and Southsea


The Latest from Charlie

Charlie is standing to represent Portsmouth South because he is frustrated by our city being an afterthought. For too long, basic services in our country have been getting worse due to cuts and mismanagement from Conservative Governments. All too often it feels like government does not consider the impact their cuts have on real people our city.

Worst of all, people in Portsmouth feel that the NHS isn't able to help them when they need it. After years of cuts, ambulances take hours to arrive for potentially life-threatening situations, patients are treated on trolleys in corridors, and NHS staff are badly overworked. All of which, Charlie has experienced in his own family at QA Hospital.

The crises in A&Es, dental care and GPs are hitting Portsmouth hardest, with our city having the lowest number of GPs per person anywhere in England. Charlie is committed to getting everyone the right to see their GP within seven days, or within 24 hours if they urgently need to. Charlie has a clear plan to improve the NHS in our city.

Portsmouth needs an MP who will:

  • Take real action to address the cost of living
  • Protect our NHS services, and speak out about the urgent improvements needed on GP appointments, dentistry and at Queen Alexandra Hospital
  • Put a stop to Southern Water's endless sewage-dumping by reforming water companies to benefit the public, not shareholders
  • Make a real difference for Portsmouth with more than just warm words

Charlie is a real alternative for our city, and he can give Portsmouth the strong local voice we need.

Charlie Murphy with Lib Dem activists
A winning team of Lib Dems are backing Charlie to be the Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South

How you can give Portsmouth a real voice

Charlie and the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats depend on the support of our local community to champion our city and give it the strong voice it deserves.

If you could offer as little as an hour a month to support our work, please get in touch below. If you haven't much time, you could donate as little as £5 to help Charlie and the local Lib Dem team write to your neighbours.