Wimbledon Park Left Open At Night

Local Lib Dem councillors Dr Hugh Mason and Matthew Winnington have found out that Wimbledon Park is no longer being locked up at night. City Council Community Wardens had always locked up the park to reduce the chances of anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Dr Hugh Mason (above, right) was shocked that local residents had not been consulted before the change.
"This decision has been made by local Conservative councillors without asking people who live locally what they think. For a long time we have had problems of anti social behaviour in the park, and leaving it unlocked all night will only make things worse."
Councillor Matthew Winnington (Above, left) was also very opposed to this.
"When the Lib Dems ran the City Council there was a task force set up with the Police to crack down on trouble coming from some of the houses in Waverley Road. Now that the parks are being left open all night there have been reports about needles being found in places where children want to play. This is not good enough, and the secrecy from Conservative councillors about this decision is terrible."
What do you think? Please email Councillor Matt Winnington ([email protected]) or Councillor Dr Hugh Mason ([email protected]) or write to them at Portsmouth Lib Dems, 220 Fratton Road, Portsmouth PO1 5HH.

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