New wheelie bins from Lib Dem council will protect weekly bin collections, encourage recycling & make streets cleaner

Residents across Portsmouth are set to receive new wheelie bins as part of a move by the new Lib Dem run council to protect weekly rubbish collections, encourage recycling and help make streets cleaner.

This follows trials across the city where the use of the new bins saw the amount of rubbish being disposed of reduce in some areas by around 20 per cent.

The new Liberal Democrat Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Dave Ashmore (Fratton ward) said:

"We listened to residents who made it clear that they do not want to lose their weekly waste collections and we want to find ways to reduce costs to make sure this doesn't happen. As a city we aren't recycling enough, and while we acknowledge that's partly down to the limited amount of things we can put in our green bins at the moment, it does mean we are producing more waste which costs a fortune to dispose of. Our aim is to encourage residents to recycle everything they can, which will save money, help the environment and help keep the weekly rubbish collections."

Unlike its neighbouring councils, Portsmouth City Council still provides weekly waste collections, and along with waste disposal this costs around £9 million a year.

Reductions in government funding mean the council needs to save money and if weekly collections are to continue the only way to reduce costs is to reduce the amount of rubbish being disposed of.

Once the new scheme is in place the council will take rubbish within the wheelie bin only, which has a 140 litre capacity, meaning they could contain a similar amount to three standard bin liners.

Flat-fronted homes will have a choice of wheelie bin or to put out three standard bin bags for collection each week.

Families that feel they need extra capacity can contact the council to be assessed for a larger bin or additional bag allowance, which they will be given if it is found they are making efforts to recycle as much as possible.

Households will be allowed to have extra rubbish collected at Christmas, when waste amounts are likely to be higher.

Portsmouth currently has one of the lowest recycling rates in the country and is currently 340th out of 350 local authorities with a recycling rate of just 24.7% in 2015/16.

Homes in Portsmouth already have wheelie bins for recycling which are collected every two weeks.

In addition to waste and recycling collections, the council provides a network of recycling 'bring banks' for glass and textiles and residents can take household waste to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Port Solent.

The schedule for the roll out will be online as soon as it is finalised and all residents will receive an information pack at the time of implementation.


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