Update on our Campaign for St James’ hospital site

A message from Milton councillor and Leader of the Council, Gerald Vernon-Jackson:

“I’m really sorry to say that I have had a call from John Westwood, Chief Executive of the NHS Property Company, to say that the council’s bid to buy the main St James’ hospital site has not won the bidding.

“I’m really disappointed in this as private developers may attempt to cram in more development than is really possible.

“This map is what the NHS put out with the invitation for developers to bid for this. Locksway Road is on the left and the Moorings Way estate on the right. The purple blob is a proposed new 60 bed nursing home, the orange and yellow blobs new proposed housing and the grey areas are roads and parking.

“I understand that Portsmouth City Council planners have already said that they think this plan is not deliverable and aims to cram in much too much development on to the site. I agree, but the developer who has bid for this may not have taken this advice.

“Now the city council’s role will change to trying to get developers to understand the area and not to cram in so much development.

“You will see from the plan that it would involve cutting down lots of protected trees. I have asked for and been given and undertaking that NHS Property Company will not cut down any protected trees without permission.

“I’ll keep you in the loop with more information when I get it.”

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