Portsmouth Conservatives charge residents to get rid of their DIY waste

Portsmouth’s Conservative administration have decided people must now pay to get rid of their DIY waste.

The fees include charges to dispose of soil and rubble, plasterboard, and cement-bonded asbestos and came into force on Saturday. But critics say authorities are not being specific enough, nor clear over what waste remains to be free of charge.

Central Southsea Lib Dem councillor Lee Hunt has raised concerns after coming across a brown two-seater sofa and bags of dumped rubbish in Collingwood Road, as well as a freezer outside the former Liberal Club in Duncan Road. Cllr Hunt said: ‘It’s appalling. ‘One of the issues is people don’t know what they can put in their bins, and what they can dump for free; there is so much more confusion now. People don’t know what to recycle, and what they can take to the tip. And let’s face it, if it costs £6 to buy a piece of plasterboard and £10 to get rid of it, people will just leave it outside their door quietly one night.’

Local campaigners Ross Campbell, Richard Adair and Margaret Foster have also been investigating a number of incidents, which they say are blighting our streets.

Richard said 'this is madness. Flytiping is already a big problem, this will only make it worse.' Margaret said that a sofa had been dumped in Queen Street and was still there 3 days later. 'It's on the main route to the Historic Dockyard. What impression does that give to visitors to our city.'

Ross said 'Copnor residents are concerned about the increase in flytiping. One huge pile I found had been there so long, it was all entangled in Japanese knotweed. Something has to change.'

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