Thank You


Many thanks to everyone who went out and voted in the General Election last Thursday, and thanks especially to all those who supported our local Lib Dem candidates Gerald Vernon-Jackson (Portsmouth South) and Darren Sanders (Portsmouth North).

Voting is the lifeblood of our democracy and it was heartening to see turnout rising noticeably in both Portsmouth seats and across the country, with young people in particular stepping up and making their voices heard. Turnout has been improving in a number of elections across the country recently and we can only hope this marks a positive shift towards greater and more meaningful engagement of the public with the future of our city and country.

We would like to express our congratulations to Penny Mordaunt and Stephen Morgan on their elections in Portsmouth North and South, respectively, to represent Portsmouth as our two MPs. We would also like to express our commiserations and thanks to Flick Drummond for her work for our city over the last two years.

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