Covid19: Steve Pitt update

Deputy Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Councillor Steve Pitt issues a plea for anyone willing to help their community in our great city at this difficult time to register with The Hive.




Cabinet members are working with their respective officers to deliver a business-critical plan by PCC. This will see non-critical services cease or be scaled back, in order to support core critical services.

We are working with The Hive to ensure they have all the support they need from us to build a support network for vulnerable residents across the city.

Gerald and I were in today, ensuring that the council is focusing on the residents, not itself and have made it very clear what we want to see and that we will particularly intervene to ensure food banks are stocked and the homeless get a meal. It will take a few days to get sorted but we are focusing on these areas as a high priority.

The Hive are building an impressive network to support local people and will be rolling out a series of initiatives in the coming days. Cllr Tom Wood and I are in regular contact with Lou and the Hive team. 

There is one thing in particular that I need your help with: Please do not fuel the spreading of misinformation on social media. Direct people to the PCC, NHS & Government websites and Facebook pages as reliable sources of information.

We should be alert to the risks of some of the groups springing up to support people on social media not having the correct control, safety and protection measures in place. No one knows the real intentions behind what appear to be acts of kindness and vulnerable people will be put at risk from people who have bad intentions.

Only support people helping friends, neighbours (who they know) and family.

Any other support you wish to volunteer should be via an existing voluntary or community sector organisation. They have the correct DBS checks, safe working etc in place and desperately need help. Many of their volunteers are in vulnerable groups themselves and if our voluntary sector collapses, we are in real trouble. So if you want to help, please help them. The Hive will be coordinating all of this and the info is all on our website here:…/how-can-i-help-during-the-c… 

The Council will be sending out a leaflet to every household in the city with where to locate up to date info and has also written to around 30,000 people who are in vulnerable groups.

Gerald, I, and the rest of the council believe in Portsmouth and its people. This unprecedented challenge will test us, but may prove to be our proudest hour. 




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