St Thomas - Tom Wood

I’m campaigning to become a local councillor for St Thomas Ward (Somerstown, Southsea and Old Portsmouth) so that I can be a strong voice for our area. I live locally on Elm Grove in the centre of the ward and work for a local charity. 

Working with Lib Dem councillor Rob Wood (no relation), I’ve been out speaking to residents and doing my best to solve their problems for the past year. In that time, I’ve spoken to thousands of local people and would like to thank them for such a warm welcome on the doorstep. 

Just a few months ago, I led the campaign - along with residents - to fight to keep the LB residents parking zone which the Conservatives had decided to suspend despite no consultation with residents in the zone effected. It was a successful campaign with many residents thankful for our efforts. It is so important for representatives to listen to residents’ opinions and the Conservatives fail to do that.

I’ve also been heavily involved in the campaign to save our Fire Service from disproportionate cuts. Unfortunately, Lib Dem councillor Phil Smith was the only councillor from Portsmouth on the Fire Authority who voted against the cuts. This means there will be 16 fewer fire fighters to protect Portsmouth from fires. Councillors really must show greater care for the safety of residents in our city and stand up to get the best deal for Portsmouth. 

Lastly, I want the council to be competent with the public’s money. Especially at a time when budgets are tight due to central government cuts, the council here must use what we do have to invest in our city for economic development, not for buying supermarkets elsewhere.

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