Simon Sansbury - Cosham Ward

Simon is our candidate for Cosham Ward in the 2021 local elections.


Simon lives on the Highbury estate in Cosham, and has lived in the ward for over twelve years, and in the Portsmouth area all his life. A member of the Liberal Democrats since 2014, and active since 2018 Simon believes strongly in the ‘freedom from’ and the ‘freedom to’ and designing policy based on data and expert advice instead of party ideology. 

He has worked in food retail and the energy industries and has always been driven to help people with a desire to understand the challenges faced by others. 

With a keen interest in community and the environment, Simon is eager to find ways for more people to have a say in making their neighbourhoods better places to live. 

Cosham can sometimes feel like a place somewhat left behind on some of the improvements made in other parts of the city where residents don’t hear from their elected councillors except at election time. Both are things Simon would correct should he win the support of Cosham’s voters. 

The potential redevelopment of the area between Northern Road and Cosham High Street is a fantastic opportunity to revitalise the High Street, provide desperately needed housing as well as modern community spaces the residents of Cosham deserve. Simon would like to hear views from residents on this and any other issue. 

Simon’s creative side is channelled to writing, acting or directing amateur drama. He’s also the producer & co-host of a weekly podcast focusing on local politics (Pompey Politics Podcast), exploring views, ideas and policies from across the political spectrum.

Contact Simon:

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