Save Victoria Park Animal & Birds

On Wednesday 13th July the Conservative councillors are hoping to vote through a proposal to get rid of the much loved animal and birds in Victoria Park. Generations of children have enjoyed going to see the animals in the park.


There appears to have been no consultation with local people about this suggestion. Even the staff who work there knew nothing about the proposals.

We need to make sure that this is stopped and local people's voice is heard. Please do sign the petition below and send it to as many friends as possible. We have very little time to change the Conservative councillors minds.

Several people have asked how the Conservatives can do this when they don't have a majority on the City Council. The only reason that the Conservatives are running the City Council and making all these bad decisions is that Portsmouth's Labour and UKIP councillors voted the Conservatives into power in Portsmouth. Only the Lib Dem councillors voted against them.

Please do sign the petition today to keep this much loved service. You can sign the petition here:

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