Rose Gardens and Canoe Lake ignored by Tories

The tranquil Rose Gardens adjacent to Canoe Lake are in need of some tender loving care as more and more visitors come to enjoy the seafront. Whilst gardeners look after the beautiful roses and climbing plants the historic walls are crumbling and paths, seats and pergolas need attention.

The wider Canoe Lake area is one of the most popular and crowded destinations in the summer with more people heading there all year round; with so many visitors the seafront can look tired very quickly and needs more upkeep. 

Local Lib Dems put a fully-costed plan into the City Council's budget to improve the gardens, flower beds, better lighting, paths and more seafront facilities as part of a £450,000 'capital' seafront investment adding to continued improvements, events and venues over the last few years bringing new jobs, more visitors and breathing new life into the seafront economy.


The Labour/UKIP/Conservative coalition running Portsmouth voted to throw this money out and will spend just £100,000 of 'capital' investment monies along the entire seafront. 

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