Portsmouth Council Make Up & Lib Dem Priorities 22/23

In the May ’22 Local Elections in Portsmouth, the Liberal Democrats emerged as the clear winners (and had a great set of results nationally!). 

The  Lib Dems are now, once again, the largest group on the 42-seat Portsmouth City Council, with 17 councillors in total, a gain of +2 seats on before. In contrast, the main opposition Conservatives lost 4 councillors and now have just 13.  The smaller opposition groups, Labour and the Portsmouth Independents Party, each gained 2 councillors whilst Others went to zero (-2).

The newly elected Council looks like this:

Thank you to everyone who voted but especially to those of you who gave your vote to a Liberal Democrat. You can be sure all our Lib Dem councillors will continue to work hard all year round to give all Portsmouth residents “A Fair Deal” and to strive make Portsmouth a cleaner, greener and more caring city.

Outlined below are some initial Lib Dem priorities and plans for 22/23.  

If you would like to see "What Lib Dems believe" via our inspiring Vision and the 7 core values that underpin these priorities, click on the About Us tab. 

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