Portsmouth's 'Green Waste Club' is booming


key_greenwaste.jpgOne of six such clubs in the region, the 'Green Waste Club' was introduced by local Lib Dems here starting out with 2,500 customers.  That number has risen to nearly 5,000 today.

Portsmouth's Victoria Park Summer Fair saw the Club in attendance at its stall manned by Biffa's Green Waste officer Stephen Hanby.

There was lots of local interest from the 6,000 at the event and new customers have been joining every day. Many, many 100s of tonnes of green waste have been re-used instead of incinerated.

The Club gives advice on different types of garden waste and how that can be handled by the Club and how gardeners can easily divert a lot of green materials from waste towards eventual reuse as compost. 

Collecting green waste like this diverts it away from the city burner, which means the burner also operates much more efficiently therefore reducing carbon pollution.  Just as importantly the green waste ends up back where it belongs - doing good in the earth. All this action is good for the environment and saves council taxpayers a lot of money.

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