PLD AGM 2020


Sadly we won't be able to meet in person for this year's AGM. Instead, the meeting will be held on .

Please make sure you register or you won't be able to follow proceedings. 

If you know of a member without access to the internet that does want to follow the AGM, they can dial in from telephone. Please email their details to the office.

The AGM is at 7:30 pm Thursday, November 19th. We'll open the zoom meeting a bit earlier to allow people to gather and chat and to field any questions they have. 

How will it work?

We will open up the Zoom call from around 7:15 pm to that members have a chance to chat (although this might be slightly raucous if everyone tries to speak at once), and to answer any technical questions. 

When the meeting opens we will set everyone's microphone to mute and remove the ability to unmute. This is so that members are not distracted by inadvertent background noises and to allow business to proceed smoothly. Our technical side-kick will unmute people as they are called upon by the Chair. 

If members wish to raise a point of order or submit a request to speak, please do so in the chat using the acronym PO or RTS. By keeping these in the chat, they are timestamped and can be addressed in order. Please keep all other conversations out of the chat function in zoom to allow us to quickly spot and respond to RTS and PO submissions. 

Please note: Reports will not be read out in the meeting. Please take the chance to review the reports (links below). If you have problems accessing them, please email Simon


All of the candidate selections and any contested (where there are more nominations that there are spaces) office on the executive will require voting using the Mi-Vote online voting tool. This will provide a unique voter code which any members attending the AGM will be able to use to cast their vote(s).

For this reason, it is vital that any members following the meeting together from the same zoom logon let us know so we can make sure everyone 'attending' the meeting receives a voting link. 


A copy can be downloaded here.

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Approval of minutes from the AGM for 2019 held 16th January 2020
  4. Chair’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Report from Council Group Leader
  7. Membership Report
  8. Supporter’s Club
  9. Liberty Press AGM
  10. Meet your PCC Candidate: Richard Murphy
  11. Elections for Executive Members
    • Honorary President
    • Local Party Chair
    • Vice Chairs
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Membership Development Officer
    • Fundraiser
    • Data Officer
    • Equalities & Diversity Officer
    • Ordinary members (3)
  12. Selection of Candidates
  13. Any Other Business (notified to the Chair prior to the meeting)


If you wish to submit yourself as a candidate for any of the offices on the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats Executive, please email the Returning Officer, Richard Cole with; Which office (or place on the executive) and your proposer and seconders. Please also CC them in your email.

Please note: Nominations will close at the start of the meeting. Voting will take place using the Mi-Vote portal used for party elections by the federal party. Instructions to follow by email. 


Portsmouth Liberal Democrats

We present reports to members as part of the AGM. You can view reports already uploaded by clicking the relevant link below:

Previous AGM minutes

Chair's Report

Council Group Report

Treasurer's report

Budget 2021

Membership Report


Liberty Press 

Previous AGM minutes 

Liberty Press Accounts

If you have any problems accessing these reports, please email us.