People Power VICTORY


Pressure from local residents and from Lib Dem councillors has changed the City Council’s mind. They will now rebuild the aviary in College Park that was demolished.

“This is a great victory for local people,” says Lib Dem councillor and Copnor resident Lynne Stagg. “I’m really pleased that the campaign to make them change their minds has worked.”

Local Copnor campaigner Ross Campbell was also pleased with the change of heart at the Council. “The decision to not replace the aviary was wrong. It was going to cost just £800 but the Conservative run council decided against this. I’m really pleased pressure from local residents has made them change their mind.”

One local Conservative councillor threatened to take the Lib Dems to court because of the campaign to get the aviary rebuilt, but they have now gone very quiet.

“My thanks to everyone who signed the petition to get the aviary rebuilt; your support made this happen,” says Ross Campbell.

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