Paulsgrove Ward - Nicky Dodd

I am standing for election this year as I believe the current Conservative-run council, being propped up by UKIP and Labour, is ruining our city. 

Locally, they’ve cut funding for the unit which supports domestic violence victims.  At a County level, the Conservatives voted to cut fire services in Portsmouth. Nationally, the Conservative government continue to make brutal cuts in funds to those who need them most; benefits, housing and the NHS.

As a mother of a young child, I am concerned about what the Conservatives are doing to housing and our primary schools. Forcing good and outstanding schools to become academies when they do not need to be is purely ideological and not what is best for our children, nor is selling off much needed council housing. 

The Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth have three core beliefs about how our council should be run:

  1. Local people must be listened to. Too often local people are ignored. If your street or area wants to have residents parking, you should get residents parking. Instead of this, we’ve seen this council remove parking zones which were wanted by residents and refuse to implement new ones where residents have voted for them.
  2. The council is there to care for the residents of our city. Vital services such as the domestic violence support unit should not be cut just to carry out austerity. These cuts are putting people’s lives at risk.
  3. The council’s finances must be managed with competence. At difficult times like today, the council should be investing heavily in Portsmouth but instead they are buying a Waitrose in Somerset, a Matalan in Swindon or a warehouse in Gloucestershire.

I want to make a difference and stand up for Portsmouth people.

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