Parking in your street to get much worse

The Conservative, Labour and UKIP councillors in Portsmouth have voted to bring in a charge for the first car parking permit for each household in residents' parking zones. The advice from city council officers is that they expect about 10% of cars in residents' parking zones to refuse to buy a permit and park in nearby roads, outside of residents parking zones.

There are 9,500 first car permits, about 1,100 second car permits and about 300 second car permits.

"Parking is a real battle in the city," says local Lib Dem campaigner Michael Andrewes. "The unintended consequence of charging people to park in the residents' car parking zones is that cars will be displaced from them and park in roads nearby. This is a bad idea and will make parking in this area much worse."

Lib Dem councillors identified a different way of the raising the money the council needs from cutting senior management at the council and perks to councillors such as free car parking. These ideas have been rejected by the Conservative, Labour and UKIP councillors in Portsmouth who all voted to bring in these charges. This would mean there was no charge for the first permit and no displacement of cars into your area.

"This coming year the charge is expected to be £40 for the first car, but once the council has started charging for this permit then it could go up and up in price. They have just agreed to increase the charge for businesses on the seafront from £210 a year to £1,160 so anything is possible," says Portsmouth's Parliamentary candidate, Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

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