Paddy Ashdown comes to Portsmouth


Paddy Ashdown has been in Portsmouth today to support the campaign to make Gerald Vernon-Jackson the next MP for Portsmouth South. Paddy is a former Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Chair of the Liberal Democrats 2015 General Election Campaign. He was also a royal marine.

Paddy started the afternoon visiting veterans and veterans’ families at Sirius Court in Sommerstown. Sirius Court is run by local housing association Agamemnon. A key issue for the residents was the Tories’ extending ‘Right to Buy’ so that it applies to housing associations.

Paddy Ashdown commented,

“This really is just madness. The Conservatives have made it clear that they simply don’t understand what is happening here on the ground. They’re selling off housing but then not giving councils enough power to build new ones in their place.”

Gerald Vernon-Jackson added,

“People here having a right to buy really threatens communities like this one where it’s a group of flats specifically for people with a service background. It really hasn’t been thought through. When I was Leader of the City Council, we started building council houses for the first time in a generation but there is still much to do to make sure we have enough affordable high quality housing for local families.”

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