Join us in supporting people affected by Motor Neuron Disease

Today local Lib Dems, led by Portsmouth South Parliamentary Candidate Gerald Vernon-Jackson attended a public signing of the 'MND (Motor Neuron Disease) Charter' at the invitation of Portsmouth & SE MND Hampshire Group.  

The Charter is part of an ongoing campaign to gain better recognition and support for local people living with MND, their family, carers and friends to promote of the rights that are so important when living with this cruel terminal disease. Gerald Vernon-Jackson was present along with local Councillors from other political groups, showing cross-party support for the Charter.

The MND Charter:

The MND Charter is a statement of the respect, care and support that people with MND and their carers deserve and should expect. The Charter signing campaign is the first step towards making sure everyone understands these priorities of care and pledges to work towards the Charter's vision of the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

What the Charter says:

  1. People with MND have the right to an early diagnosis and information.
  2. People with MND have the right to access quality care and treatments.
  3. People with MND have the right to be treated as individuals and with dignity and respect.
  4. People with MND have the right to maximise their quality of life.
  5. Carers of people with MND have the right to be valued, respected, listened to and well-supported.

Signatures will continue to be collected in support for the Charter until May 2015, will then be presented to No.10 Downing St after the General Election. The signatures will show the strength of support there is for the Charter and its vision to ensure all people with MND receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time care (as set out in the Charter).

Please join us in showing your support. You can sign the charter here.

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