Lib Dem Campaigner Steve Pitt Tackles Mews Mess

Local residents and shops are always pleased to see local campaigner Steve Pitt out and about in their streets getting things done. 

Whilst out helping the campaign to stop Conservative councillors cutting Portsmouth firefighters and fire engines, Steve took time to tackle mess around Festing Mews and the walk-through to Pepys Close and St. Augustine Road from Highland Road between Mumms Cafe and Rowlands Chemist.

Finding pigeon-poop piled 4 inches thick in places and stretching right across the pavement both sides, Steve and local Lib Dem councillors alerted the city's health team straight away by mobile 'phone and email. Your local Central Southsea Lib Dem action team are also lobbying the Conservative-run City Council to clean-up the nearby garage area strewn with rubbish and muck, including the alleyway at the side of Pepys Close bungalows behind St. Augustine Road. Steve Pitt says, "It's a worry to find something like this, so I'm very pleased to be part of your local Lib Dem action team getting eyesores and mess like this sorted."

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