Lib Dems Back 'A City To Share'

Local Lib Dem councillors are pushing for the city council to move forward with its commitment to 'A City to Share' - a sustainable transport strategy put together by the Portsmouth Cycle Forum. 

Lib Dem Councillors Hugh Mason and Matthew Winnington brought a motion to the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 17th October pushing for urgent work be done to develop implementing 'A City to Share'. The motion was amended and then passed by a majority of the city council. The original motion is detailed below; the amended motion will be available when the meeting's minutes are published by the city council.

Proposed by Councillor Hugh Mason
Seconded by Councillor Matthew Winnington
Portsmouth City Council aims to protect residents and visitors from road danger, air and noise pollution, and improve the health economy and wellbeing of our local communities.  The Council recognises that creating a public environment that encourages cycling and walking is a low cost and highly effective way of achieving these aims and should therefore invest in changing patterns of travel towards walking and cycling.
This Council showed initiative by being the first to introduce a city-wide 20 mph limit in residential roads.  This has improved safety.  The Council recognises that the Cycling UK's 'Space for Cycling' campaign highlights areas where further improvement should be made.
To date, little practical work has been done to achieve Portsmouth Cycle Forums "A city to Share" which would also help to progress the aims of Space for Cycling.
In order to progress this the City Council request that the Cabinet:
a. Develops a strategy to implement in full Portsmouth Cycle Forum's 'A City to Share'; such strategy to include a costed network of safe, accessible and direct routes that link places and people
b. Identifies all implementation costs associated with the strategy and seeks financing for these costs  through bids to the Department for Transport and other relevant bodies and that the Cabinet also considers proposing the allocation of at least 5% of all Local Transport Plan capital funds each year towards the accomplishment of the strategy.

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