Lib Dem Conference - My Experience

Written by Suzy Horton, Lib Dem councillor for Central Southsea Ward.

Attending a Party conference is not for everyone but I enjoy packing in to 4 days as much as possible; from policy debates in the main auditorium, wandering round the Exhibition Hall, attending training or interesting fringe events and, of course meeting up with friends and socialising and discovering the eateries in new cities!

This year's conference was one of my favourite. I always search out opportunities to debate, discuss and discover anything Education related and in Bournemouth this year I was lucky enough to attend an Education Policy Institute round table discussion with key Education councillors, Lords and Policy makers as well as the Fringe discussions run by the National Education Union on the impact of the cuts and, most exciting of all, I was able to contribute to the Emergency Policy Motion on the recruitment and retention of teachers in the main hall (and have just watched it back on the TV - less pointing next time!).

I delivered 2 training sessions with the best co-trainer ever - Abi Bell - and it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated our volunteers are and how much they want to learn and improve their campaigning. It seems only a short time ago that I was attending every training session going - and feel lucky to be able to pay back by delivering my own.

Other highlights include meeting Natalie the guide-dog, eating scummy pancakes in Cafe Boscanova, delicious ciabatta at Chineside and just taking in those amazing sea views as I went from one session to the next. Also singing The Land and some not so mild songs at Glee and entering into a Portsmouth Lib Dem VIP selfie oneupmanship challenge.

Have just booked accommodation for next year in Brighton before going to bed for some well needed rest!

Thanks Bournemouth.

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