Cllr Hugh Mason Listening to Local Residents


Popular and hard working local Councillor Dr Hugh Mason is pictured recently out and about in St. Jude ward calling on local residents. Hugh says, "It's very helpful to get feedback from local residents about how they see things around here. I can also inform residents face-to-face about what's going on in the Council and give information on issues like residents' parking and cuts to Southsea's firefighters and fire cover".

Indeed our local Lib Dem campaign team, out supporting Cllr Mason, find those two issues keep coming up on the doorstep. Residents are very concerned about the fire service cuts and also very annoyed about being obliged by the Conservative-run Council to pay yet another charge to park on their street.  There was a lot of support for Cllr Mason and his good local work with a big majority of residents pledging to vote for him in May 2016.   

Like 100s of other local residents you can sign the 'Save Our Fire Service' petition here:

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