Gas Works - Eastney Road

Lots of people have contacted us as local councillors to complain about the road works that are causing many delays where the gas company are digging up part of Eastney Road (Milton Market). The works should be finished on Friday.

We've talked to the gas company. The problem is that there were leaks from the gas main on the branch into Kingsley Road. This has now been replaced. 

The bits of Kingsley Road and the western side of Eastney Road should be resurfaced today or tomorrow, but the gas company will then need to switch the barriers to the other side of the main road to repair the road on the eastern side of Eastney Road.

The engineers have told us that the 20 inch gas main runs down the main road with branches off down each road. This is an old pipe and its only about three to four foot underground. It has problems on a frequent basis as the amount and weight of traffic going over it is so great.

There is also the issue that the old pipes were designed before the UK switched to natural gas back in the 1970s. The pipes have rope lagging at the joints and the old gas was "wet" and made the rope lagging expand, this kept the joints gas tight. Natural gas does not do this so the joints need rubber injecting into them to make the same seal.



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