Fratton - Dave Fuller

David Fuller is standing for election in Fratton Ward.

He lives on Clive Road in Fratton and knows Fratton like the back of his hand.

David was a councillor for Fratton for 14 years, successfully defending his seat at each election but during Covid decided he needed to take time away to concentrate running the care home he manages, so didn’t re-stand last year.

David has a long track record of helping local communities and works closely with popular Fratton local councillors Stuart Brown and Dave Ashmore.

He has also served two terms as Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and has raised over £100,000 for local charities!

David Fuller:

  • backs the Lib Dem plans that will see thousands of new jobs at the council-owned Port.
  • has been working with Councillors Dave Ashmore and Stuart Brown to tackle fly tipping and backs the Lib Dem council’s new ‘graffiti hit squad’ to clean up the city.
  • and the Lib Dem team in Portsmouth are working hard to improve our recycling rates and expand the range of items collected.
  • believes everyone deserves a decent place to live and works with Dave and Stuart to fight lazy and absentee landlords who do not look after their tenants.
  • knows how to get things done and has been a respected Chair of both Planning and Licensing at the Council.
  • backs the Lib Dem scheme, where the council buys back former council properties that were purchased under ‘right-to-buy’ when they come up for sale, helping to tackle the housing crisis.

Please, elect David Fuller on 5th May.

He has the experience to get things done and get the best deal for our area, by being at the heart of decision-making in the city.

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