Fratton Bin Trial

Talking to you on the doorsteps, it has become very clear that the Council’s rubbish trial is causing some people major concerns and we want to find out exactly what you think in order to take your views directly to the Council’s Cabinet Member.

These are some of the things that people have raised:

● ‘Don’t like the Seagull-proof bags’.

● ‘It isn’t practical to limit households to the equivalent of 3 black rubbish bags per week’ (the amount the Seagull-proof bag holds).

● ‘We already recycle as much as we can and still can’t meet the 3 bag limit because the Council doesn’t recyle enough items’.

● ‘HMOs (shared houses) can have up to 6 adults in them and the 3 bag limit is completely impractical for that many adults’.

We have decided to ask you some specific questions. We will collate the answers and lobby the Council according to what you tell us.

Overall for your household, has the recent rubbish trial had a positive or negative impact on the rubbish collection?

Can we keep you updated?

The Liberal Democrats will use your contact details to send you information on the topics you have requested. Any data we gather will be used in accordance with our privacy policy at To exercise your legal data rights, email: [email protected].

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