Drayton & Farlington Ward - Josh Dulberg

I’m standing to become a councillor here in Drayton and Farlington so that local residents have a dedicated voice for them. Portsmouth is my home; a city I really care about. Quite often, we hear people ‘putting the city down’ and moaning. I don’t think this is helpful. I prefer to view Portsmouth as a great place to live and work which could be even greater. 

Please understand, I fully appreciate that we face challenges as a city and that there are improvements to be made but we mustn’t forget the positives. It is clear that many of the things we have to be proud of in Portsmouth are, at least in part, thanks to the Lib Dems who ran the council from 2004 – 2014. 

Locally, we can see how the Lib Dems invested in having more outdoor activities for young people by allocating £136,000 for the multi-use play area in Drayton Park. The Lib Dems also brought the new Mobile Library to Drayton Shops and Sainsbury’s Farlington.

Across Portsmouth, there has been some great work done by local Lib Dems working all-year- round for their residents. It was Liberal Democrats who listened to local people, making sure that the Supporters Trust was loaned £1.6million to stop the football club going under. We care about local people’s needs, that’s why there are now many more places for people to relax and grab a bite to eat on the seafront. And we bring competence to the council, it was under Lib Dem leadership that the council started to build good quality affordable council homes for local families.

I hope you can see I care about our area and our city and that you will consider supporting me this May.

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