Dial A Ride Saved!


Thanks to hard work from Business Angels, the Council and Portsmouth Liberal Democrats Dial a Ride will remain a functioning service in Portsmouth.

Dial a Ride provides a vital bus service for elderly and disabled residents in the City. A month ago the operators of Dial A Ride announced that the service would close on 1st September as the City Council was no longer giving them a subsidy.

Lib Dem councillors worked with Tracey - the Director of Dial a Ride - and found them a new office at the Cathedral Innovation Centre, some "business angels" to help produce a working business plan for the service and arranged for the business pan to be presented to the City Council. This has persuaded the City Council to restart funding for Dial a Ride and the service will now continue.

Portsmouth's Lib Dem Leader was overjoyed by the turnaround. "We decided that keeping this service was vital to many vulnerable residents in the City. We decided not just to yell about the cut in council funding, but to try to work positively to get a real future for this service. Now the "business angels" we found have helped produce a business plan for the service, there will be council funding and a new office has been found. Its great."

Tracey Jones the Director of Portsmouth Dial a Ride has thanked the local Lib Dem councillors for the support, "Thanks to the help from the Lib Dem councillors, the business angels and the council we now have the resources to keep the service open."

"We'll keep working hard for local people in Portsmouth, if there is something you think we need to know about, or help with, please do contact us" says Lib Dem Leader, Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

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