Development to revitalise Cosham

Hampshire Police, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service & Portsmouth City Council are exploring opportunities to release land to the west of Cosham High St to build a new fire station & housing. 

The Fire Service and the Police have decided they want a new, and combined base in Cosham. The current Fire Station and Police Station don't meet the modern needs of these services.
"For many years residents have said that the City Council should do more to invest in Cosham. These plans provide a fantastic opportunity to reinvigorate Cosham High St while also providing more much needed housing in a part of the city well served by public transport links." - Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson - Leader Portsmouth City Council
The site they would like to combine on is the PCMI Signs site in the north west corner of the A3/Southampton Rd roundabout. The site here is owned by the City Council and the plan is that this will be sold to the Fire & Police services for the building of a new Fire station with a Police presence. This is good news as it guarantees that the Police and Fire Service will stay in Cosham, when they have pulled out of so many other areas.

Cosham (Image source: Google Maps)Next door to this is the site of the old Edinburgh House old people's home. The City Council are rebuilding this as an Extra Care Sheltered Housing scheme for people suffering from dementia.

When the Police and the Fire service leave their current locations, the City Council will buy these pieces of land. The Police Station is connected to the Wootton Street Car Park, Public Toilet and Community Centre. This gives the opportunity to look at a new development to create a new up to date Community Centre in Cosham, new Public Toilets and car parking but also the chance to have additional affordable housing for local families.

"These are exciting plans to make better use of land next to Cosham High Street, this part of the city deserves investment, and providing desperately needed housing, as well as investing heavily in much used & cherished leisure spaces like King George Vth Playing field is something Cosham residents deserve and will hopefully welcome" - Simon Sansbury - Lib Dem community campaigner for Cosham. 

Portsmouth City Council is investing in a new pavilion at the King George V playfields, and has been successful in getting a grant from the Football Foundation to build all weather pitches on the playfields so that local teams can get more use out of the area.

On a smaller scale the Lib Dem run City Council is investing £37,000 in new shelving at the Cosham Library to help keep this valuable local library up to date.

If you have any questions or feedback about the plans, please contact us.

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