Darren Sanders - Baffins Ward


First elected 3rd May 2012, ere-elected 5th May 2016 and is defending his seat in the 2021 local elections.


Darren was born and bred in Portsmouth and has been a local councillor since 2012. He also contested the Portsmouth North Parliamentary Seat in the last three General Elections.

As a councillor, he brought in rules to make sure people in shared housing have a decent home. He voted for the Council to loan the Portsmouth Supporters Trust the cash it needed to save the football club from the failures of the past and stop it going bust. He also helped deliver more places for Westover Primary School in Baffins.

Darren wants communities to have more control over where they live. As someone helping local people create Portsmouth’s first Neighbourhood Plan, he knows the city needs more homes local people can afford, but cannot be a concrete jungle. That is why Darren is fighting for Portsmouth people to decide how many homes the city should build. He also wants councils to have the power to build more truly affordable homes.

 Current Council Positions

  • Cabinet Member for Housing and Preventing Homelessness
  • Member of the Employment Committee

Council Appointments

  • Baffins Community Association
  • Homelessness Champion
  • Improvement & Efficiency South East (AGM)
  • Langstone Harbour Board
  • Local Government Association (General Assembly)
  • South East Employers
  • Stacey Community Centre Management Committee

Contact Darren

Twitter - @darrensandersld

Email - [email protected]

Phone - 07740680612

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