​Council puts date of culture grants decision back 4 weeks

Reacting to growing pressure from public petitions, the Conservative-run Portsmouth City Council has put back the date when it will announce a budget by 4 weeks.
At a recent Council meeting the Conservative running Culture & Sport mocked petitions as a way to influence Council spending. However it looks like this one is having an impact - even though she refused to rule out grant cuts.
This petition is so important; protecting modest grants for cultural venues like, Kings Theatre, New Theatre Royal and Aspex Gallery because it keeps Portsmouth's creative and cultural surge growing.
Cultural and Creative Industries contributes to a huge rise to Portsmouth's tourism. Visits are UP 7% on last year and there was a similar rise the year before. Read the report in The News.  ' ​Tourism South East​'​ ​reports show 9.25​ ​m​illion​ people made a trip to ​Portsmouth last year to visit theatres, events, shows and museums; pumping £444m​ into the local economy​ – up six per cent on 2012.​
Around 12,400 jobs representing nearly 12% of all employment in the city are related to tourism, an increase of nearly 6% from the year before; so we need to convince the Council not to cut vital modest grants and support​, which give confidence to others to invest here. Examples are the Portsmouth Cultural Trust improved Guildhall music venue, £100,000s from Arts Council England for Aspex, New Theatre Royal and outreach work, £4million for D-Day Museum from the lottery, £2million lottery money for 'ARTches' cultural quarter in Old Portsmouth plus £millions more from national sports governing bodies like the £1.6million citywide deal with British Tennis and Portsmouth 'Wiggle' Triathlon.
​The more signatures, the more persuasive this petition will be. Sign it here: http://www.change.org/p/portsmouth-culture
Please forward this petition to friends, family and acquaintances asking them to sign and pass on again.

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