Cosham Ward - Kirstine Impey

I’m a local mum who wants to make a difference in my local community. I live in Fairfield Square with my husband, Paul, and my two sons, Peter and Andrew. I’ve been a campaigner for many years now and want people to have a real alternative choice to the Conservatives this May.

I want to be the local voice standing up for Cosham and Wymering whilst also getting a better deal for Portsmouth from Central Government. 

There are three principals that the Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth think councillors should adhere to:

  1. They must listen to local people. I’ve spent hours speaking to local people to see what they want out of the city council and what their aspirations for our city are. The Conservatives, on the other hand, continue to ignore the wishes of local people including getting rid of residents parking zones and refusing to implement new ones where local people have democratically had their say and voted in favour of having/keeping one.
  2. They must care for the residents of our city. Key local services such as the Fire Service, the victims of domestic abuse support service and the hate crime service should bot be thrown around in an ideological fight to cut, cut and keep cutting. These are important services which save lives and must be properly funded.
  3. They must manage the council’s finances competently. We shouldn’t be seeing the council spending money on a warehouse in Gloucestershire or a Waitrose in Somerset. The council should be using what little funds it does have to invest in Portsmouth where the council can benefit both from good investment returns as well as an increase in business rates and the boost to the local economy. 

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