Copnor Ward - Jaison Matewu

I’m standing in the City Council elections on Thursday 5th May for three key reasons:

  1. I want to be a strong advocate for Copnor.
  2. I want to see the Liberal Democrats running the Council again.
  3. I want to increase diversity on the Council.

Copnor needs a strong voice to stand up for and get the best deal for residents in Copnor. I believe I can be that voice. I will listen to local people and use that to inform any decisions I have to make and any lobbying of the Council’s Cabinet members I have to do.

The Liberal Democrats are the only political party in Portsmouth providing serious opposition to the Conservatives. I want our city to be one that is open to the world and one that the people of Portsmouth can be proud of. In the 10 years the Liberal Democrats ran the Council we saw a great deal of change and economic redevelopment. I worry that that good work is now being put at risk by the Conservatives and their incompetent approach to council finances. We should be investing in local businesses and helping them to thrive rather than buying up land in other parts of England.

In order to care for all of the city’s residents, the council needs to better look like the city’s residents. That means we need greater representation for currently under-represented groups including ethnic minorities, women and younger people. Now is the time we need to be supporting these groups to have their say as they are as much a part of our city as anyone else.

Please see the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats website at and follow us @portsmouthld for more information and for local community news.

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