Conservative-run Council to ‘blackmail’ local people ​over parking zone charges​

The Conservative transport boss, Cllr Ken Ellcome, has decided to go ahead with a consultation on residents parking​ but with only 2 options​;​ ​either to pay a new fee for a car  parking ​permit ​or to lose their schemes. ​

​He rejected a request from Lib Dem Councillor and Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth South Gerald Vernon-Jackson to include a question asking whether they wanted to keep residents car parking schemes as they are.

"This is outrageous," says Portsmouth Lib a Dem Leader, Gerald Vernon-Jackson. "The Conservatives don't want people to have a real choice,​only to either pay​-​up this new charge or lose their parking scheme. This is blackmail. And they are consulting without saying what the charge will be, it could be £50, or £100 or even more."

​Jill Norman and funfair representatives told Cllr Ellcome that the proposal to put seafront traders and business permits up from £210 to £1,160 would harm the seafront, jobs and businesses.

Local people made numerous representations in writing and 6 pleaded with the Tory transport boss in person not to do this, but he ignored them all.

The Tory Traffic boss also said at a recent Council meeting that there will be no new Residents Parking Zones created until 2017 "at the earliest and probably not until 2019" meaning local residents who currently don’t have a parking zone will have no choice at all.

The Conservatives have already suspended the popular and much-liked MC and MB parking zones in Southsea despite the fact that these two zones were making a SURPLUS for the City Council’s hard pressed services.

Alternatively Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson also pointed out that the Lib Dem budget (alternative budget), voted down by the UKIP/Labour/Conservative coalition continued to provide the first permit for free and fully funded the costs by reducing senior management.

If you oppose these charges, and the proposed service changes, then please sign our petition here and help us stop them.

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