Blackmail over car parking zones

The Conservative Cabinet member for Transport has decided that there should be a charge for the first car parking permit in your area.

There will be an official council consultation on this over the next few months, but there will be only two options.

  1. Pay for the first parking permit and keep your residents parking zone, or
  2. Don't pay for the first permit and lose your residents' car parking zone.

Lib Dem councillors identified a different way of raising the money the council needs from cutting senior management at the council, and perks to councillors such as free car parking. These ideas have been rejected by the Conservative, Labour and UKIP councillors in Portsmouth who all voted to bring in these charges.

"We have asked for a question on the consultation for residents to be able to say, keep the scheme as it is now with no charge for the first permit," says local Lib Dem campaigner Jason Fazackarley. "We were shocked that even asking this question has been rejected and residents are now facing either paying up or losing their residents parking schemes. This is blackmail."
"This coming year the charge is expected to be £40, but once the council has started charging for this permit then it could go up and up in price. They have just agreed to increase the charge for businesses on the seafront from £210 a year to £1,160 so anything is possible," says Portsmouth's Parliamentary candidate, Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

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