Backing local shops and jobs

Backing-local-shops.jpgLocal shops are being looked after by Portsmouth Lib Dems.

According to national figures Portsmouth's shop occupancy rates average 97%, which is above the UK average. One of the reasons is when running the Council local Lib Dems created the city's small, but effective 'Shopping Centres Team' supporting local designated shopping areas with events help and advice.

Albert Road, promoted for it's niche independent retail scene and for local shopping needs - is doing well. Local Lib Dem Cllrs Lee Hunt and Margaret Adair are pictured enjoying a chat and coffee in the streets latest new business 'Home Coffee' with one of the proud owners, who is pleased with an encouraging start. Almost dead-on-its-feet 10 years ago Fawcett Road top-end has revived with a mix of uses and Winter Road is almost full.

Whilst the Lib Dem-run Council did a lot to help, by contrast Conservatives are adding to shops and trades costs by putting up permits for parking in Southsea from a reasonable £210 a year to a whopping £1,170/yr; demolishing any claim to be supporting business! As part of an ongoing Council value-for-money review three local Lib Dem Councillors are looking at how to even better support local shops.

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