50 Trees Saved

Following contact with Solent NHS by local Lib Dem councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, they have withdrawn their planning application which would have resulted in about 50 protected trees being cut down. The local Lib Dem team would like to thank everyone who wrote in to the council against the application and the Keep Milton Green team for alerting so many people to the application and arranging the protest featured above.

They will now come forward with a new plan which will involve much less work on the site. When the revised planning application is submitted we will try to let local residents know. 

The discussions with Solent NHS Trust also produced a potentially really good offer. They own the open green space north east of the Chapel at St James's. We asked Solent NHS Trust if they would sell this land to the council so that it could remain public open space for ever and they said yes - in principal. (This is different to the land owned by NHS Property Services which is being transferred to the Homes and Communities Agency.)

Local Lib Dem councillor Ben Dowling commented: "This is really good news as it means that a really well used part of the open space looks as if it can be fully protected from development. This was the land where the NHS wanted to put up a huge fence to keep the public out, now they look as if they will work with local people rather than against them."

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