440 new trees to be planted across the city this month

Portsmouth's Lib Dem-led council is increasing tree cover in and around Portsmouth, bringing the total planted in the city this year to 1,446.

200 small trees, between one and two years old and around 60cm in height, will be planted on Great Salterns Field adjacent to Portsmouth Golf Course, and a further 200 at Baffins Park. All will be mixed-native trees that are local to the UK.

Kimberly Barrett and Gerald Vernon-Jackson with newly planted trees in MiltonThe trees at Baffins Park are being planted in Stagg Wood, on the north side of Baffins field to replace any small trees that didn’t survive when Stagg Wood was created in 2014. The wood was planted by more than 200 schoolchildren and their families with Cllr Lynne Stagg, Liberal Democrat councillor for Baffins, in her role as Lord Mayor of Portsmouth at the time.

40 trees between three and five years old and about 2metres in height will also be planted in the north of city, including 20 near the recently completed sea defences in Hilsea, 10 in John Wesley Gardens and 10 along London Road adjacent to Gatcombe Estate.

In the last few years over 50,000 trees have been planted in Portsmouth, thanks to action by Liberal Democrat councillors. Cllr Steve Pitt

Cllr Steve Pitt, Deputy Leader of the council, said: “The Lib Dems are passionate about making a Portsmouth a greener city, and we know we must come together as a city; a region; a country, to take action against climate change. 

“Our commitment to planting more trees in our city is one of the ways, among many, that we are supporting this, and I am proud of the work undertaken by the council's teams this year.”

In March 2020, the council approved the Greening Portsmouth Strategy; to plant more trees in public and private spaces, to engage with community groups and to support Portsmouth in becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

In the same year, the Lib Dem-led council announced 'its greenest-ever budget' with £37m invested in environmentally-friendly projects throughout 2020-21.

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