£100 in 24 hours!

Campaigns move fast.  You all know that the budget for this year's campaign squeezed as tight as it can go, this means we often have to turn down good ideas because we just can't afford too.

Right now we have an A3 leaflet in a target ward packed full of amazing local content. But we can't afford to print it.

Our budget has planned for an A4 leaflet but campaigns move fast and we now have enough solid local campaigns that A4 isn't big enough.

We need to raise £100 in the next 24 hours we can give the go ahead to the bigger leaflet showing how much harder Lib Dem Councillors work before the print deadline. If ten of you pledge to donate just £10s (or whatever you can afford) in the next 24 then we can reach this goal together.

£125.00 pledged

how much will you pledge to donate on Nov 02 2018?

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