Oppose Conservative, Labour and UKIP plans to charge £40 for residents parking

Local Conservative, Labour and UKIP councillors running the City Council have voted through plans to charge residents for the first permit in resident car parking zones.

Local Lib Dems think there are different ways of raising money for the city council which would keep the first car parking permits free.

Lib Dems think it would be better to cut senior management at the council, councillors perks and the extra support staff for the new Council Leader.

On Thursday 8th January the Conservative transport boss, Cllr Ken Ellcome, decided to go ahead with a consultation on residents parking​ but proposed only two options: either you pay a new fee for a car parking ​permit ​or lose your scheme altogether.

The option to keep the parking schemes as they are was dismissed.

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UPDATE 05/03/2015

Last night at a 'behind-closed-doors' meeting was held about the MB/MC Parking Zones in Central Southsea Ward by Portsmouth Tory Transport boss Cllr Ken Ellcome for hand-picked residents (only 3 showed up 2 from outside the parking zones)

Lib Dem Central Southsea Ward resident and campaigner, Suzy Horton, Cllr Margaret Adair and Cllr Lee Hunt turned up  to the meeting.  Cllr Ellcome admitted the three Central Southsea Ward Councillors, were deliberately NOT invited, but since they were there they were allowed to stay. There was no official council note-taker of this 'behind-closed-doors' meeting, nor an agenda. The meeting also excluded residents who contacted the Council wanting to attend and who signed the nearly 2,000-name petition to keep MB/MC parking zones.

During this secret meeting, local Lib Dems offered all cooperation to find ways to restore the parking zoness including new 'models' such as only being in force between 5pm and 7pm or flexible times to match the needs of the area. Every time Lib Dems offered new solutions Cllr Ellcome seemed more keen on finding a reason not to.
Council budget officials stated in recent Council budget papers that MB Parking Zone makes a £38,000 surplus, MC makes a £48,000 surplus.  The only RPZs in Portsmouth to make a surplus and the only ones the Conservative administration have suspended. 
Cllr Ellcome refused to say when he will make a decision about MB/MC residents' parking zone being reinstated or not; BUT during this he stated the 'Pay For Parking Permit or Lose Your Zone' (a.k.a 'Dick Turpin Tax') survey will be sent to residents in the next few days and confirmed again that if a MAJORITY in a zone say they are NOT willing to pay for a permit - then he will ABOLISH any zone where that happens.

I/We the undersigned oppose Conservative/Labour/UKIP plans to charge for a first residents parking permit.

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