Campaign Update: Stop proposed Aquind cable disruption!

On 11th May I received an e-mail from the Planning Inspectorate about the proposed Aquind Interconnector Cable that will come ashore at Eastney and run all the way up the eastern side of Portsmouth.

Originally the scrutiny of the application for this cable to be laid was supposed to be started by the Planning Inspectorate on 22nd April with a Preliminary Meeting, but this has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the meeting was postponed.

The Planning Inspectorate is responsible for this planning application as Government Ministers have taken away decision-making powers from Portsmouth City Council for this project.

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Health, Wellbeing & Social Care Cabinet Member gives update

On 20th April I wrote to the Secretary Of State for Health & Social Care, Matt Hancock to press him to ensure that all key workers were included in the testing regime which had been announced. I have not yet had a reply, which is disappointing, but by the time I do, I hope more of the issues I have brought up are addressed. You can see a copy of the letter I sent here.

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PCC Cabinet member determined to make Portsmouth a healthier place for all

We MUST NOT let the opportunity COVID 19 has given us to significantly change the ways we travel. The massive improvement in air quality as a result of the 60% drop in road traffic and the consequent disappearance of traffic congestion means we are improving the health outcomes for many of our residents. Added to that, the safer roads have meant more of our residents can cycle with confidence and walkers have much more pleasant journeys, again adding to better health. We must build on this and not allow our roads to return to the pre-COVID situation.

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Portsmouth household waste and recycling centre to reopen

Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change Councillor Dave Ashmore announced today that Portsmouth's household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) will reopen on Monday 11 May from 10am-4pm for essential use with restrictions in place to maintain the safety of staff and customers.


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Council Leader celebrates Portsmouth's volunteers

Council Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson gives his latest update on Portsmouth's fight with the Corona Virus. With the council and
volunteer groups linked closely together and working hard to help the city's vulnerable, Gerald's insight also comes from making calls himself to city residents.    

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Cabinet Member reports on Portsmouth traffic, air quality and measures to exercise safely

Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transport, Cllr Lynne Stagg and officers at the council have been following closely the reductions in traffic and improvement air quality levels in the city with so many people working from home and with most of the city's children not at school. 





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Seafront Road closure made all week

On Monday, Cllrs Steve Pitt and Lynne Stagg
asked Traffic officers to put in place the closure of the Seafront Roads on an ongoing basis to create more space for local residents to be able to exercise safely within government guidance on social distancing. (Photo credit CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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Aldi joins free school meal voucher scheme

Cabinet Member for Education Councillor Suzy Horton provides an update on free school meals provision in the city during the Coronavirus crisis. 

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Matthew Winnington's update as Cabinet Member for Health, wellbeing & social care

Portsmouth City Council Cabinet Member for Health, wellbeing & social care, Councillor Matthew Winnington provides an update from his portfolio as care homes across the city work tirelessly to face the challenges of Covid19. 

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Covid testing centre in Portsmouth for NHS staff & Carers.

Deputy Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Councillor Steve Pitt provides an update about the Covid19 testing centre being set up to the west of the M275. 

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City Cabinet member writes to Secretary of State for Health

Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing & Social Care, Councillor Matthew Winnington has written to Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock seeking answers for the key workers in Portsmouth's care homes. 


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Proud of Portsmouth

Cllr Gerald Vernon-JacksonCouncil Leader, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson shares his thoughts and obeservations about how Portsmouth is rising to the challenge of the Covid19 and the lockdown.

"This Easter weekend has been unlike any other we have experienced. So often we wish for good weather, days to spend with friends and family and enjoying all the events going on in our city. But this weekend has been so different, and we all know how crucial it is to stay in to save lives and protect the NHS.

I am very pleased to be able to report that overwhelmingly the people of Portsmouth have risen to the challenge of changing their lives in the last few weeks. We know from our wardens and the police that the vast majority have conformed to the government’s guidance and lockdown measures.  

The way we are responding and coming together as a community will help to ensure our safety and strength in the days and weeks ahead, and the enormous effort that has happened over the last few weeks is nothing short of inspirational. "

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Portsmouth Schools - Free School Meals Update 11am, 20th March

With many children relying on free school meals Cabinet Member for Education Councillor Suzy Horton provides an update on Portsmouth City Council's action to maintain this vital service.

School meals are provided by whatever contractor a school/ academy chain decides to go with and this will continue during the weeks ahead.

Free school meals are available for those children based on family income (all ages) AND all children in Key Stage 1 (Yr R - Yr 2) regardless of family income.
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Coronavirus - Portsmouth Schools provision for key workers & vulnerable children

With schools closing today to all pupils except the children of key workers, and vulnerable children Councillor Suzy Horton - Cabinet Member for Education shared the principles on why schools are only partially closing:

- To keep key workers at work as this will save lives
- To keep vulnerable children safe and cared for
- To give food to those children who need it

Social distancing will be applied in schools to keep teachers/ school as safe as possible (remember they are key workers too)

Please keep this in mind when deciding to send a child to school.

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Covid19: Steve Pitt update

Deputy Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Councillor Steve Pitt issues a plea for anyone willing to help their community in our great city at this difficult time to register with The Hive.




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