Have Your Say: Fratton Residents Parking

The City Council is now doing the official consultation on the abolition of the Fratton Residents Parking zone (except for a few streets right by the station).
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Cycling Sunday A Big Success

Local Lib Dems have backed the first ‘Pedal Portsmouth’ city bike ride which saw an estimated 3000 cyclists to have the roads to themselves for a few hours on an exceptionally sunny September day.

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Tackling Speeding on Locksway Road

A number of local residents contacted the local Lib Dem Milton councillors (Will Purvis and Gerald Vernon-Jackson) about speeding getting worse on Locksway Road recently.

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Lib Dems Back Macmillan Coffee Mornings


Local Lib Dems have backed coffee mornings that raise cash for tackling cancer.

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Lib Dems Clean Up Southsea Beach

Local Lib Dem councillors were on Southsea Beach litter-picking to help make the city that little bit tidier and cleaner.

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Bake-Off Success

Local Lib Dem councillor Ben Dowling was one of two judges at the annual Milton Beddow Library Bake Off. It was a great event with many residents entering in one or more of the four categories; adults' large cakes, adults' small cakes, children's large cakes and children's small cakes.

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Community Cafe Does Roaring Tade

The recent Eastney Community Summer Fair was a brilliant success this year with hundreds of people coming through the doors. 
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6610 new apprenticeships in Portsmouth since 2010

darrensanders.jpg Councillor Darren Sanders at Airbus Defence and Space in Copnor

Liberal Democrats have helped 1.8 million apprentices start training since 2010.

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The outcome of the Council's parking zone consultation has come back and it is proposing several major changes to our area's parking zones.

The zone covering Baffins Road, Milton Road between St Mary's Road and just north of Hayling Avenue and the small Douglas, Dudley and Victor Roads sees the biggest changes. The Council wants to replace the current 24/7 restrictions with a zone running between 4pm and 8pm Monday to Saturdays only. Anyone can park outside those times; during them, parking will be restricted to permit holders only and visitors, who will still need to pay.

The zone covering Priorsdean Avenue stays as it is except that the free parking 'grace period' goes and parking is restricted to permit holders only and their visitors at all times.

The zone at Coniston Avenue remains unchanged.

The other major difference is that people in each zone will now pay £30 a year for their first permit. This comes after most people in each of them, when given a choice between paying and keeping the zone or losing it, decided to keep it and pay.

The Council will be formally consulting on its plans until early-mid August, then take a formal decision later in the year. If you have any ideas, please contact us or the PCC person overseeing the consultation, nikki.musson@portsmouthcc.gov.uk



Up to 250 homes could be built at the former Kingston prison, the new owners have told Lynne and Darren.

We attended a presentation where the owners gave four possible designs. They told Lynne they were looking at a range of uses, including housing, a hotel and some community use. The housing, she was told, would be in the listed building and some ‘new build’ elsewhere.

They avoided telling people present how many homes they thought they could build. However, after questioning from Lynne, they said 150-250 homes was a 'ballpark figure'.

Just over 3,000 people came to the first exhibition, with 572 feedback forms completed. Several of the ideas people put on the forms have been taken on board in the latest designs.

Darren said:

“250 homes is too many for our area. It should be cut back. I am worried in particular that there will be more traffic and air pollution.”

Portsmouth Sky Rides

Daily Mirror Advises Labour Voters to Vote Lib Dem

The Daily Mirror has today advised Labour Voters in Portsmouth South to vote Lib Dem, to keep the Tories out of Number 10.

A tactical vote for Gerald Vernon-Jackson here is your best chance at getting a Labour Government, and keeping the Tories out of Downing Street.

To quote from the article on The Mirror's Website:

"The fewer seats the Tories win the better Ed Miliband's chances."

Make sure any Labour Voters you know get the message by sharing Gerald's post on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1dMUdcp

The article was published in today's Daily Mirror, and online last night. You can read the full thing here: http://buff.ly/1IMIxlJ

Paddy Ashdown comes to Portsmouth


Paddy Ashdown has been in Portsmouth today to support the campaign to make Gerald Vernon-Jackson the next MP for Portsmouth South. Paddy is a former Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Chair of the Liberal Democrats 2015 General Election Campaign. He was also a royal marine.

Paddy started the afternoon visiting veterans and veterans’ families at Sirius Court in Sommerstown. Sirius Court is run by local housing association Agamemnon. A key issue for the residents was the Tories’ extending ‘Right to Buy’ so that it applies to housing associations.

Paddy Ashdown commented,

“This really is just madness. The Conservatives have made it clear that they simply don’t understand what is happening here on the ground. They’re selling off housing but then not giving councils enough power to build new ones in their place.”

Gerald Vernon-Jackson added,

“People here having a right to buy really threatens communities like this one where it’s a group of flats specifically for people with a service background. It really hasn’t been thought through. When I was Leader of the City Council, we started building council houses for the first time in a generation but there is still much to do to make sure we have enough affordable high quality housing for local families.”

Gerald Vernon-Jackson makes frack-free promise to Portsmouth residents

The Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth South has promised that he will oppose any future attempts to carry out fracking in Portsmouth if elected.
Gerald Vernon-Jackson has joined hundreds of election candidates from nearly all the UK’s political parties who have pledged to oppose the controversial industry in their constituencies.
The Frack Free Promise, an online platform launched by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, has already seen nearly 900 candidates commit themselves to opposing fracking in their local area or help block it across Britain if their areas have not been licensed.
The UK government has already opened up over half of Britain for fracking, including [location, if applicable], and is expected to start awarding licence blocks to energy firms after the election. This is despite widespread opposition to the controversial technique and growing evidence of its harmful impacts on the environment and the climate.
The large swath of Britain where fracking could take place spans some of the key marginal seats for the May election. At least 35 of the seats targeted by the Tory 40:40 election strategy are in areas licensed for fracking, as are 11 Labour and eight Lib Dem held constituencies with a swing of 2% or less.
A Com Res survey for Greenpeace UK, published in March, showed nearly a third (31%) of all voters in Britain would be less likely to support candidates who back fracking in their own constituencies, compared to just 13% who say they would be more likely to do so.
Making the Frack Free Promise Gerald Vernon-Jackson said:
“True to the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, I’m pleased to oppose any plans for fracking here in Portsmouth.”
Greenpeace UK energy and climate campaigner Sam Pearse said:
“For the first time hundreds of candidates from nearly all the main parties are saying a clear no to fracking rigs, trucks, and flares turning up in their constituencies. This unprecedented surge of opposition against fracking from our politicians is a sign that the tide is turning on this controversial industry.
“Fracking is not the answer to our energy needs. Instead of gambling our future on an unproven and risky industry that may never deliver, the next government should invest in the tried and tested clean technologies that can provide cheap and safe energy for decades to come.”

More rubbish for City Streets

An extra 1,250 sofas, mattresses and fridges may soon be dumped on city streets.
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