New poll shows Labour in third place in Portsmouth South

General Election latest: shock poll shows Labour now in third place in Portsmouth South constituency

General Election poll in Portsmouth South shows the election race is now neck and neck between Lib Dem Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson and the Conservatives. Labour now in third place.

Lib Dem Gerald Vernon-Jackson is neck and neck with the Conservatives in the race to be Portsmouth South’s new MP.

A GENERAL ELECTION POLL has revealed how Labour appear to now be trailing in third place in the Portsmouth South constituency.

The poll, carried out by experienced national pollsters Survation, shows that Labour have dropped from first to third place in the Portsmouth South constituency, and that the election now could well be a ‘photo finish’ between the Liberal Democrats on 30% of the vote and Conservatives on 27% of the vote.

If the results of the poll were borne out at the General Election in the constituency on 12th December, it would mean that the Liberal Democrats re-take the seat they held for many years until 2015.

The Liberal Democrat candidate is Portsmouth City Council Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson, whose campaign has been gaining momentum in recent weeks as both the Conservatives and Labour have torn themselves apart over Brexit.

It’s perhaps no surprise that many voters are switching to back Cllr. Vernon-Jackson and the Liberal Democrats, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party increasingly unpopular and wanting to negotiate to leave the European Union, and the Conservatives being forced to defend their track record of cutting funding for vital services.

Liberal Democrats are now back running Portsmouth City Council after four years of Conservative rule. In May, the Lib Dems received more votes than Labour and the Conservatives at the local elections in Portsmouth South, and at the last national election in June, the Lib Dems won more votes in the city than the Labour and Conservative parties combined.

It’s now clear that the only way to stop Brexit and get a better deal for the future of our city is to vote Liberal Democrat and for Gerald Vernon-Jackson on 12th December.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson sets out his positive vision for the future of city

Liberal Democrat candidate for Portsmouth South, Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, has served as Leader of Portsmouth City Council for 12 years.

He is one of the most experienced council leaders in the country, and has helped thousands of people across the city. With the General Election campaign upon us, Gerald sets out his vision for the future.

“I'm passionate about Portsmouth. We need a city where our children have decent schools, where we can get an appointment with a GP quickly and so that the QA hospital is not in crisis.

“I want a city where the climate emergency is taken seriously, where people do not sleep rough on the streets, and where our Royal Navy has more ships based here.”

Gerald is the ‘Armed Forces Champion’ for Portsmouth and spearheaded the campaign to get a World War Two War Memorial built in Portsmouth to commemorate the 3,000 Portsmouth citizens who lost their lives in the war. page1image53656448

“I'm concerned for the next generation. I’m concerned that our economy will be less successful by being cut off from markets in Europe. There will be fewer and less well paid jobs. This is not what is needed and that is why I oppose Brexit.”

As Portsmouth’s leader, Gerald led the local campaign to keep the Naval Base open, and his intervention also saw the Pompey Supporters Trust lent £1.7million of City Council money to save the football club.

Gerald was also instrumental in the campaign to save the Kings Theatre in Southsea. He lives in the heart of the constituency in Southsea. Gerald’s leadership turned the City around, and he was awarded a CBE by The Queen for his services to Portsmouth and Local Government.

Since returning to lead the city council in 2018, the Liberal Democrats under Cllr Vernon-Jackson have built over 2,000 extra classroom spaces in local schools, and are bringing in food waste recycling across the city to help protect our environment.

“For the last seventeen years I have served the people of this city and have a record of service and action. This country is now at a crossroads and desperately needs a brighter future. I’m ready for the challenge ahead.”

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