Lib Dems pledge £100bn to tackle the Climate Emergency

The climate crisis is doing irreversible damage to our planet, and our country deserves a government that has a clear, ambitious plan to tackle the climate emergency. That's the Liberal Democrats.

We previously announced our bold green plan to build a brighter future, and today we go a step further as Ed Davey unveils the Liberal Democrats' latest economic pledge in taking urgent climate action. 

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Who's getting your vote?

Lib Dems pledge to waive leave to remain fees for service personnel

Today the Liberal Democrats announce that the party will waive the exorbitant leave to remain application fees for members of the Armed Forces who were born outside of the UK. The fees cost a family of four almost £10k.
In recent years the fees for these applications have been increased to exorbitant levels: they now stand at £2,389 per person, despite the unit cost to the Home Office of processing an application being just £243. This means that the cost of applying for a family of four is £9,556.

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Lib Dems respond to NEU schools league table

A new NEU league table reveals that Boris Johnson’s funding plans will see 83% of schools receiving less money per pupil in April 2020, in real terms, than they received in 2015.

The Liberal Democrats plan to stop Brexit and invest £10 billion of the Remain bonus into our schools, giving every child the best possible start in life.

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Part three of our plan for the future


The Liberal Democrats will tackle the climate emergency and deliver a bold green plan to build a brighter future.

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Part two of our plan for the future

The Liberal Democrats will treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health.




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Greens stand aside for Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth South

The Green Party announced today that their candidate would stand aside in Portsmouth South as part of Unite To Remain

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New poll shows Labour in third place in Portsmouth South

General Election latest: shock poll shows Labour now in third place in Portsmouth South constituency

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Part One of our Plan for the Future

Part One of our Plan for the Future

The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain Bonus in public services and tackling inequality.
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Jo Swinson Britain's next Prime Minister

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