Dial A Ride

Portsmouth’s community-run passenger transport service closed in June last year.

Pompey Dial Ride had 400 registered members and served an average of 900 customers every month, taking people to hospital, day centres and other appointments. It was a vital link for many older residents who do not have extended families to support them. Many of them live alone.

The Council approved a new business plan for the organisation in 2016, which clearly showed that Pompey Dial Ride would need a further £15,000 in 2017 to continue its steady progress towards self-sufficiency. Despite this, the Council refused to release any further funds and Pompey Dial Ride closed in June. The Conservative Council promised a replacement service. This service has cost £25,000 for just 6 months and only had 10 registered users!

  Pompey Dial Ride Council Replacement
Number of clients 400 10
Total cost £15,000 £25,000
Cost per user £37.50 £2,500

I/We, the undersigned, petition Portsmouth City Council to reintroduce a community transport scheme for the 1000+ local residents who would benefit from it.

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